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Our iOS/Android application turns your phone into a Digital Recorder where you upload your dictation and we can get to work!

What we do

We have been in the Medical Transcription business for over fifteen years, serving Physicians across the USA. Now we have expanded our exceptionally low-cost and high-quality service to suit your transcription needs. Send us your audio or video today !

Legal Transcription

Hearings, depositions, interviews...anyone involved in casework will need to listen to recordings over and over again. Get facts, dates, quotes, in easily searchable text format. Doing this kind of work in house is an arduous and tedious process. Thoughtdox save your time and resources so you can focus on more critical matters that need your attention.

Academic Transcription

In today’s fast-paced academic environment, speed and accuracy are essential. Thoughtdox enables researchers, professors, and students to concentrate on more critical activities by transcribing everything from research notes and dissertation materials to conferences and classroom recordings.

Market Research Transcription

Market research and analysis is integral to everything from product design to marketing strategy. To achieve success, businesses must accurately capture insights from a wide variety of sources: focus groups, consumer forums, interviews, opinion polls, and more. Thoughtdox market research transcription services can take all this data and present it to you in highly accurate transcripts. We can also help you search and compile crucial & relevant data.

Business Transcription

From board meetings to multi-day conventions (and everything in between) Thoughtdox provides highly accurate transcripts to meet your schedule and your budget. We understand that time and money are crucial elements of your success. We pride ourselves on delivering quick and accurate business transcription services.

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